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Gone in 5 years...

Gone in 5 years...

We all know that artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world. However, the matter becomes especially serious when the CEO of Stability AI, one of the most established companies in the sector, predicts that the role of developers could become obsolete within five years. But let’s look at it together…

🗞️ The news


How AI will change the world of work (and not only) in the near future

In an interview with Peter H. Diamandis, the CEO of Stability AI shared his point of view on the future of artificial intelligence.

AI is revolutionizing the world in a way never seen before, and for some jobs, the end may have come.

In fact, today about 41% of code is generated by AI, and according to Emad, “in 5 years, there will be no more programmers”.

Not only that, but he also predicts that within a year, we will have a form of artificial intelligence similar to ChatGPT in our phones, working even without an internet connection.


Chat GPT’s web browsing has been disabled, it freely showed paid content.

On July 4th, OpenAI announced that it had disabled its web browsing function due to some reports received in recent days.

Some users had reported the possibility of bypassing the paywalls of various news outlets simply by asking ChatGPT to print the content of the page.

If web browsing is a function you often used, don’t worry, in today’s prompt corner I will explain how to continue using it.



How Meta uses AI to influence what you see on Facebook and Instagram

In the article published by Nick Gregg, it is explained how AI is used to make the app experience “unique and personalized”. In particular, I found the following points interesting:

  • Meta is working to be more transparent about the AI systems that incorporate user feedback to classify content on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The AI systems predict how valuable a piece of content may be to a user so that it can be displayed first.
  • Meta will expand the “Why am I seeing this?” function in the coming weeks on Instagram Reels, Explore and Facebook Reels, after previously launching it for some Feed content and all ads.

🤑 Funding of the week


Inflection AI secures $1.3B funding

Inflection AI, an artificial intelligence startup led by Mustafa Suleyman, former DeepMind leader, has secured funding of $1.3 billion, bringing its valuation to $4 billion.

Supporters include names such as Microsoft, Nvidia, and tech moguls Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, and Eric Schmidt.

The Palo Alto-based company launched its first chatbot, Pi, less than two months ago and will use the funds raised to enhance its computing capabilities and further develop it.

Inflection is collaborating with Microsoft, its cloud computing partner, and Nvidia, which has assisted Inflection in implementing its H100 graphic processing unit, considered the gold standard for AI training.

With the help of Nvidia and CoreWeave, Inflection plans to install thousands of additional GPUs, and once completed, Inflection’s new cluster, consisting of 22,000 H100s, will be the largest in the world.

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🧪 Prompt corner

As anticipated in the news section, this week’s prompt corner will be short but hopefully useful to many.

True, web browsing has been temporarily disabled, but the plugins are still there, ready to be used.

In fact, the ones we’ll see today are the best plugins in the entire store for online browsing.

There are 2 plugins with similar functions, in order of personal preference:

BrowserPilot and WebPilot

📸 The Image of the Week

What would today’s VIPs look like if they had lived in the Neanderthal era?

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