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AI Apocalypse, can we avoid It this way?

AI Apocalypse, can we avoid It this way?

Just when we find ourselves talking more and more about OpenAI’s competitors, THE novelty arrives: the code interpreter. But that’s not all…

🗞️ The news


Now anyone can be a data analyst thanks to the Code Interpreter.

The new feature has been made available in Beta Test for all Plus users of the platform.

It will allow you to create and run Python scripts, upload files directly to ChatGPT, analyze data, create code and modify it manually (or by asking to do so) directly on the platform.

The possibilities with this new feature, as you can imagine, are endless.

Since its release, all I’ve been doing is analyzing data, almost spasmodically, to then create graphic visualizations that clarify the results.

In the prompt corner we’ll see together how to do it.

Do you think it could be useful to you in some way? Reply to this email and tell me how!


The other side of the coin is called Superalignment.

On one hand, there’s excitement for the code interpreter, on the other, the creation of a team specialized in controlling the immeasurable expansion of this technology.

In fact, according to OpenAI, superintelligence, i.e., AI with intelligence superior to human, could arrive in the next decade.

The team, led by Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike, will have 20% of the company’s computing power and 4 years to figure out how to control these AIs.

The idea is to use human feedback to train the artificial intelligence, use this AI to supervise other AI systems and develop another AI dedicated to detecting problematic behavior or internal inconsistencies.

Although not certain of achieving their goal, OpenAI is optimistic and believes that a focused and concentrated effort can solve the problem.


Volkswagen has begun testing autonomous driving of its vehicles in Austin

Remember when in Back to the Future Marty McFly arrives in the “futuristic” 2015 and sees flying or autonomously driven cars? Well, they may have gotten the decade wrong.

In fact, Volkswagen has started a test program for autonomous driving of its ID Buzz model in the city of Austin.

The test began this month with 2 vehicles and is expected to reach 10 by the end of the year.

The vehicles, equipped with cameras, lidar, radar, and autonomous driving software, will initially be used to collect data and will always have a human operator behind the wheel for safety reasons.

Source: Volkswagen

🤑 Funding of the week

Telexistence Secures $170M in Funding

The Japanese startup specializing in robotics has secured funding of $170 million, bringing the total funds raised to about $193.5M since the start of its operations.

Supporters include SoftBank, Airbus Ventures, Monoful Partners, KDDI Open Innovation Fund (a fund created by Foxconn and CTBC Financial Holdings), and Globis Capital Partners.

The company will use the raised funds to strengthen its global workforce, as CEO Jin Tomioka has stated.

In addition to the funding, Telexistence has announced a strategic partnership with SoftBank Robotics Group, a division of SoftBank Group, to accelerate its commercialization in North America and Foxconn to produce its next-generation robot, named “Ghost”.

🧠 AI World News

🧪 Prompt corner

There’s no escape. This week we’re talking about the code interpreter and how to use it to analyze data and aid us in understanding them through graphical formatting.

What I’ll show you is the “how,” but the “what” to analyze has no limits. Let’s get started.

Suppose we want to analyze Amazon’s shares over the past 5 years and want a chart that clearly shows us the trend of value over time.

So we will look for a dataset that contains this information. For today’s example, I found an old dataset here: https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/varpit94/amazon-stock-data

As you can see, I asked to analyze the last 5 years. So ChatGPT will independently filter only the desired period.

Once we get to this stage, we could continue the analysis, asking for more information or integrating other data such as news, acquisitions, new product presentations, and so on.

📸 The Image of the Week

What if the story of Shrek were “based on a true story”?

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